100ml The New Vintage Hair Tonic


THE NEW VINTAGE – A rich oriental blend of spices with warm cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, and slight hints of vanilla and amber.

Crafted with essential oils, and refined aromatics to help replenish the scalp and hair, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh all day long.

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Please note: The colour of the bottle you receive may vary from clear to black
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Benefits / How It Works

Great for styling any hair with the added benefit of moisturising your hair and scalp to help prevent dandruff.

  • Helps replenish essential oils for the scalp and hair, that washing takes away.
  • Helps prevent dry scalp.
  • Reduces signs of dandruff.
  • Invigorates and stimulates the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Moisturises your hair.
  • Encourages healthy hair growth.
  • Helps as a styling and blow drying agent to reset and design your style whilst protecting and coating your hair while blow drying.
  • There is anecdotal evidence from many of our customers saying that our Hair Tonics have helped alleviate the symptoms of and in many cases cleared up their psoriasis and many other scalp conditions.
  • When Fresh Heads Hair Tonics are massaged into the hair and scalp it helps to aid the hair to lay back into it’s natural fall, therefore helping the barber to achieve a precision haircut.
  • When our Hair Tonics are massaged into the hair and scalp it provides a revitalising sensation for the client.

Did you know?

Massaging the scalp helps stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood flow to your hair follicles.